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10 People who are banned from Wakanda for life

10 People who are banned from Wakanda for life

10 people being Banned from Wakanda – please send Killmonger to their house right now:
1) Rappers who enjoy rapping about the joy of seeing other black men being killed
2) Hyper – Assimilated people who think afrocentric, conscious black people are “weird.”
3) People who think that all problems in the black community will be solved by voting for Hillary Clinton
4) White-owned media outlets that pretend to be black news but are actually racist propaganda (i.e.
5) People who make fun of other black people for being too educated
6) Black people who expect black business owners to give everything away for free, but will gladly drop hundreds on white businesses
7) People who will spend $100 on a hairweave, but won’t pay $50 to educate their own children
8) People who use terms like “toxic masculinity,” “hetero-supremacy” and other terms invented by white liberals who want black men to turn into little girls
9) Those who think Wakanda is real, but black wealth is an illusion
10) People who are proud when their relative gets a job, but talks sh*t when they start their own business
Dr Boyce Watkins is a Finance PhD and founder of The Black Business School, which has 60,000 students world-wide.   Get a free class on wealth-building by visiting 

black people and money

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