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10 Unsettling Truths That Scream You Need A Financial Reset | Dominique’ Reese

10 Unsettling Truths That Scream You Need A Financial Reset | Dominique’ Reese

By Dominique’ Reese

There are times in our financial lives when we can’t seem to get it right, no matter how hard we try. We know the right thing to do, but can’t do it. We know the consequences of our actions, but they don’t seem to phase us. In these moments of weakness, things seem to spiral out of control quickly and we tend to lose the know-how to regain the reigns. Unfortunately, when it’s our money and wealth that we are talking about, it can be a rather unfavorable and scary experience. I know, because I have experienced these moments and being a human, just like you, am subject to continue to experience them, despite being an expert. However, the difference for me, is that I have an arsenal of solutions and steps to take to combat these weak moments and the accountability to my clients and followers to get it right and keep it tight. For those of you that don’t have the solutions nor the accountability, just yet, but instead, know that something isn’t right, a financial reset could be in your immediate future.

Here are 10 unsettling truths that many of us share, that we simply can’t ignore anymore:

1.  You wake up with your money on your mind and go to bed, with your money on your mind

2.  You know you are straying further and further away from your (financial) goals

3.  You are spending money with no regard

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black people and money

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