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12 Questions That Can Take Your Business From $0 to $1M

12 Questions That Can Take Your Business From $0 to $1M

Reported by Robert Stitt

In the 21st century, social media, web pages, and blogs are important components of the business puzzle. Take one of these aspects out, and the picture is incomplete. Others might say that in this day-and-age, Internet advertising is more like pieces to a pyramid, perhaps even the base without which your business cannot stand.

Yet, there is more to having a social presence than creating a Facebook page, and there is more to a successful business blog than writing an occasional post.

Inc. has a 12-question checklist from HubSpot that can help you grow the number of subscribers to your blog, thus taking your business from a net worth of $0 to $1M*.

  1. Do you have at least one opt-in form on your web page? People can’t subscribe to your blog if they don’t know it’s there, or if there are no places from which to subscribe.
  2. Do you have an amazing offer or great freebie to entice potential subscribers?
  3. Are there opt-in forms in the side-bar, beginning and end of your blog? Once people take a look at the blog and want to sign-up, they don’t want to have to look around to figure out how to do it, or try to find their way back to a link.
  4. Do you have a dedicated landing page for new blog subscribers?
  5. Are you prompting people to sign up? Does your page and blog have a proactive push that encourages folks to sign up?
  6. Is your opt-in simple? Do you have the bare minimum number of fields for users to sign up. Statistics show that 60 percent more people subscribe when there are 3 questions instead of 6; how many people do you think walk away if there are even more than that?
  7. Do you have an opt-in on your “About” page? Since this is one of the most highly-visited pages on most sights, you really need to have your blog opt-in there.
  8. Is your confirmation page optimized? Do you have something so compelling that subscribers will take the time to confirm their subscription and “double opt-in?”
  9. Do you have a check box called “subscribe” on your landing form? “HubSpot found that adding a ‘subscribe to HubSpot marketing blog’ check box boosted newsletter subscribers by 128%,” Inc. reported.
  10. Do you have slide-in or pop-up forms? Most found that their subscription rate increased with the use of these forms.
  11. Do you use A/B tests? Do you send out two different headlines or calls-to-action to see which type of wording generates the best results from your clientele?
  12. Do you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms to promote your blog? Inc. reports that “email converts 8.5 times better than social media and boasts twice the ROI of PPC.” But, that doesn’t mean that social media should not be a component of your plan.

Here are the top three changes that you should consider making to your business blog, if you haven’t already:

  1. Add a subscriber check box
  2. Add a pop-up or sidebar
  3. Ensure your opt-in fields are three or less.


*Contingent upon your market and strategy.

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