Meet the CEO of TooDollar.com

Meet the CEO of TooDollar.com

TooDollar.com opens high-dollar e-commerce opportunities to people for way under market value by crowdsourcing purchasing in an innovative auction platform known as the Crowd Auctioning Platform.

The website is currently hosting a variety of product auctions.  Some of these auctions are celebrity endorsed for the purpose of building a socially connected user community.

Traditionally consumers have used either large amounts of cash or acceptable credit scores to obtain the products and services they desire the most.  With TooDollar.com they now have the option of crowd auctioning.  Crowd auctioning incorporates penny auctioning like qualities and fuses it with crowd funding qualities and social network integration.  A $2 (or less) bid pass allows users to enter a crowd auction.

Traditional penny auctioning is all about the one winner’s success and the rewarding capital gain for the company.  Crowd auctioning is all about being a community. The rewarding capital gain for the company, the winner and everyone else who contributed to make the win possible is the driving force behind TooDollar.com.  With TooDollar.com, everyone wins.


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