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African-American Cincinnati Officials to Support Hillary Clinton

African-American Cincinnati Officials to Support Hillary Clinton

By Ryan Velez

A report from confirmed that several African-American leaders in Cincinnati came together Friday to voice their support for presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. The aim of this gathering at the Urban League of Greater Cincinnati was designed to praise the candidate’s work on issues pertinent to the African-American community.

This also will serve as a way to demonstrate the support for Clinton with the upcoming Ohio primary. Among the leaders who appeared at this event were former Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory, city Councilman Wendell Young, Silverton Mayor John Smith, Forest Park Mayor Charles Johnson and Springfield Township Trustee Gwen McFarlin.

The African-American base has always been a strong source of support for Hilary Clinton. In an event in February covered by WLWT5, former president Bill Clinton remarked that his wife could bring change to help Americans “go forward together.” Mark Mallory, a Democratic superdelegate who was also present at that event, affirmed his commitment to Clinton as well.

African-American support for Clinton has not been limited to just Cincinnati. On Super Tuesday, Clinton swept the Democratic primaries of Southern states, boosted by a large African-American vote. Even in the states where she lost to rival Bernie Sanders, she enjoyed high minority numbers, African-Americans in particular.

The 2012 election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney showed off the importance of the African-American vote. A report from US News points out several important statistics. For the first time since 1968, more eligible black voters (66%) voted than eligible white voters (64%). African-American voters also accounted for Obama’s entire margin of victory in seven states, including Florida, Ohio, and Virginia.

This development led Nate Cohn of the New Republic to write that “African-American turnout could be more important to the outcome of the 2016 election than the ability of Republicans to rekindle their support among Latino voters.”

With the voting power of African-Americans clearer than ever, it is clear that Clinton’s support among the community will be a powerful asset in the primaries as well as the general election should she be nominated. Part of the struggle she may encounter, though, is getting the same levels of voter turnout that Obama experienced in 2012.



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