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4 Lessons Millennials Can Teach You About Business

4 Lessons Millennials Can Teach You About Business

By Robert Stitt

Great businesses have great teams within them. Terri McClements, managing partner of PwC’s Washington Metro Market, gave The Network Journal some ideas on how to build successful teams. Interestingly, there is a note about how millennials can inspire your team-building process.

1.  Teams must have a purpose. A group of people without a purpose is not a team, it’s just a group of people. It is also not enough for individuals on a team to know the purpose. They have to believe in it.

According to McClements, millennials are known for seeking employment where values and teams are placed above money. They are looking for companies that provide more than just “products and services,” and want to find a place that shares their values.

Once you find a group of people who understand your vision and believe in it, you are on your way, but it is just the first step to a great team

2. Get to know each other. Teams are made up of people, and people are more than workers. If the team members simply see each other as fellow employees or colleagues, your team is going to be hampered and limited. Get to know the person sitting beside you beyond their tasks and/or place on the team.

Get out and do things together. Successful companies often start or end the year with company retreats. There are company softball or bowling teams. Take a class together. Do something that draws you together as human beings and not just co-workers.

3. Build Trust. Team members come from a variety of backgrounds and ways of doing business. If you have vetted your team properly, you already have a group of individuals with a common goal who are learning about each other as people. Now, it’s your turn to let them loose. Trust them to make good decisions and fix things when they make mistakes.

Trust comes from giving responsibility. You can’t tell someone you trust them and not give them any autonomy. If your employees are now your team, then you are no longer the boss, but the coach. The coach guides, encourages, and supports but usually doesn’t play the game. You have to trust your players to do that for you.

4. Say thank you. Teams and individuals need to know they’re doing a good job. Too many employers believe that the paycheck is thanks enough. Remember, when you’re working with millennials, the paycheck is not often the driving force behind great work. They want to belong to a company that shares their vision and appreciates their contributions. It takes such a small amount of effort to say thank you, but the results can pay huge dividends.

There are many things we can learn from millennials. If we start by building great teams, perhaps we’ll be in a better position to learn more.


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