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For Only $54,000, You Could Own The Bible Tupac Shakur Used In Prison

For Only $54,000, You Could Own The Bible Tupac Shakur Used In Prison

By Victor Ochieng, a memorabilia company based in Los Angeles, has put up a Bible for sale. The hip-hop holy relic is selling for a mere $54,000 and it’s been listed as “Tupac Shakur’s prison bible.”

Reports state that the legendary rapper used the Bible back in the 1990s while doing time at Clinton Correctional Institute in Dannemora, New York, where he spent nine months over s*xual assault charges.

The Bible not only has Shakur’s signature, but also a number said to have been his prison inmate number, 95A1140.

According to Gary Zimet, a spokesman of, the company learned of the Bible two weeks ago after one of Shakur’s family members reached out to them about it.

Zimet is very convinced that the Bible is authentic.

“I know his handwriting and it is indisputably his,” Zimet told HuffPost. “From a memorabilia standpoint, he’s as big as they come. The original lyrics for ‘Point The Finger’ sold for $32,150.”

Shakur spent time at the Clinton Correctional Facility after he was found guilty of first-degree s*xual assault in relation to an incident in which a woman accused him of raping her in 1993. The rapper remained in prison for nine months. During the period, he released his album, “Me Against The World,” earing him a spot in history as the first ever artist to release a No. 1 album while serving time.

It was also during the same time that Shakur married his long term girlfriend Keisha Morris, although he divorced her a year later.

He would later mention the facility’s name in his “Hail Mary” hit song in which he gave a shout out to “homeboys in Clinton Max,” reports

It’s surprising that the Bible hasn’t sold since it was listed despite its rare nature and Shakur’s fame.

However, Zimet isn’t worried at all. “Items like these rarely result in an instant sale,” he said.  

Last month, Shakur’s handwritten lyrics were put out for sale. The sheet allegedly contained lyrics to Shakur’s “Catchin’ Feelings” song from his “Better Dayz” album. It’s that also put up the lyrics for sale.

Zimet told TMZ that he obtained the lyrics from a former employee of the studio where the late rapper did the track in 1996, the same year he was shot dead.

Although the Bible isn’t being sold by Shakur’s estate, reports say the rapper’s family will substantially benefit when the deal goes through.


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