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This 6-year old has created an extraordinary business

This 6-year old has created an extraordinary business

Some people think that children can only start businesses when they become adults.  This young lady proves that this isn’t true at all.

Vanae Bey is a 6-year old child with extraordinary vision.  She decided to create “The Adventures of Princess Vanae,” where she travels around the world, introducing children to all of the African history they will never learn in school.  So, rather than waiting for others to make her into a princess, she and her mother Veronica decided to do it on their own.

Her mother says that she and Vanae came up with the business idea after she completed the Black Millionaires Of Tomorrow Program, an online program for black children to learn how to invest, start businesses and manage money.

You can watch her story here.

We ask you:  Are your children learning how to start a business at an early age?


black women

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