Andre C. Hatchett Wants Every Person in The USA To Own at Least One Home! Will you Own Or, Be Owned?

Andre C. Hatchett Wants Every Person in The USA To Own at Least One Home! Will you Own Or, Be Owned?

Many things change and fluctuate in this country. One thing that is certain is this­­ People will always need a place to live! So, will you own the place you’ll reside? Or, will you be paying off someone else’s mortgage?

Think about it; If you buy your first home at 25 years old and take out a 30­year mortgage on the property, you’ll be finished paying off your home by the time you turn 55.

Now, if you rent a home at the age of 25, stay in that home for 30 years, when will your rent payments stop? NEVER! Not when you’re 55, 60, 65….. Your rent payments will only stop when you OWN where you live.

The Black Real Estate School is striving to educate people of color on the value of real estate investment as a wealth building opportunity. Through our carefully crafted courses taught by top Black Real Estate Agents, we hope to give people of color the tools to be successful in the Real Estate market.

Real Estate is a sound lifetime investment; one that can reap immeasurable dividends. With our guidance, our students will have a greater chance at success. Through knowledge sharing we hope to empower the Black community.

Andre C. Hatchett is a nationally acclaimed entrepreneur and philanthropist. As the current owner of TheBlackRealEstateSchool.com, AndresNotarySchool.com and Priority Notary, Inc., Andre is a man of many successful hats!

At the age of 22, Andre completed the formidable task of buying his first home. Without letting any dust settle, he then purchased a second home at the young age of 23. Continuing his real estate success, he has worked as a Business Consultant, Professional Coach, and currently serves as a skilled Real Estate Sales Expert, earning him the nickname “Mr. Condo.”

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