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Andre Hatchett: If You Don’t Own Real Estate, Then Chances Are You’ll Remain Poor

Andre Hatchett: If You Don’t Own Real Estate, Then Chances Are You’ll Remain Poor

By Andre Hatchett

One of the things that stifles the black community in terms of wealth building is the lack of inter-generational wealth. In other words, our parents tend not to leave us anything; so as a community we end up starting over from square one every generation. One of the most important legacies you can leave your family is that of real estate.

Love him or hate him (we fall in the later category), Donald Trump inherited a real estate empire from his father. While most 25-year-olds were looking for their 1st job, Donald Trump was running a multi-million dollar company. What legacy are you leaving?

I’m not sure what your religious views are or what you think happens after you die, if you believe in an after-life, Heaven, Hell or whatever you call it in your belief system. But in the literal sense YOUR CHILDREN ARE YOUR AFTER LIFE in the sense that, all things being equal, they will live on after you die.

It could be said that the Trump Presidency wasn’t won in 2016, but in 1936 when Trump’s father began investing in Real Estate. Think 80 years into the future, what does your family’s future look like? Unlike the fruit trees or building we put on it, land NEVER expires. The land that you own now will still exist 100 years from now, the question is will your family still own it?

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black people and money

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