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Anonymous Russian Billionaire Pays Record-Setting Divorce Settlement

Anonymous Russian Billionaire Pays Record-Setting Divorce Settlement

By Ryan Velez

A divorce case between a Russian billionaire and his former wife of over 20 years took place in London last year, and Celebrity Net Worth reports that he has to pay a massive amount: over $583 million. Part of the reason that the husband has to pay so much is due to the wife’s role. As a hands-on mother and equal partner in the marriage, she took care of the couple’s two children on her own, as well as the husband’s child from his first marriage.

Notably, the couple both wanted their identities kept a secret during and following the divorce process. However, while the names are secret, other details about them are known to help paint a picture about their lifestyle and wealth. The husband is 61 years old and an oil and gas trader in London. He made his fortune primarily after selling shares he owned in a Russian company for $1.3 billion. The wife was born in Eastern Europe and is 44-year old. Over the last two decades she was a mother and housewife, and still, lives in the family home in Surrey.

The two met in 1989 when she was a student in Moscow. The two would be married in Moscow four years later before moving to London. She became a British citizen 15 years ago. This massive divorce settlement almost splits their “marital assets” down the middle, with the ex-wife coming away with 41.5% of them. Interestingly, the anonymous billionaire would be able to rank as one of the richest people in Britain after the divorce, though how he will rank following the divorce is yet to be seen.

Many high-profile divorces with big paydays have hit the news in recent years. Some have criticized the system for over compensating former partners, both ex-wives, and ex-husbands, despite their contributions to the wealth being questionable. Some may point to examples like Mary J. Blige’s recent divorce, where she had to pay spousal support to her ex-husband despite there supposedly being a prenuptial agreement in place. In this case, if the ex-wife truly was a major caretaker and homemaker for the children despite the considerable wealth in the household, she certainly has claim to some spousal support. Some may question whether or not this record-breaking sum is too much, but as the wealthy get wealthier and divorce rates grow, this record will likely get broken in time.


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