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Are Christians Manipulated Into Giving Away all of their Money?

Are Christians Manipulated Into Giving Away all of their Money?


by Tiara Williams

Most Christians dedicate their lives in alignment with the bible, so that they can obtain interpretations of what they will receive in the after life.

In most black churches, “Heaven” is described as the epitome of extravagance. I’ve heard of beautiful mansions, expensive solid gold sidewalks and heavenly blue Bentley’s parked in the driveway. It doesn’t stop there. Every night, you will participate in a fancy last supper with Jesus and other saints of the kingdom. It will be a magical experience.

As a result, Christians will literally give all of their money to the church believing that this will secure their address in the kingdom of God. Obviously, they want the title or crown (with jewels) of a “good Christian” in the eyes of God so they are willing to compromise their stability on earth for their mansion in the sky. The general practice of the Christian church is to pay a tithe. This tithe is a tenth of that Christian’s income. The tithe is usually used by the church to support the expenses of the church, and the mansion and jet of the preacher.

In this video, R. Renee, co- author of the book, The Tithing Hoax, tells the story of a young woman who shared through social media the sacrifice that she made for God. The young woman says that she used her rent money to pay her tithes. Consequently, she is now waiting on the miracle of the lord to pay her rent.

Unfortunately, this mentality plagues the Christian community. It is unclear if it’s the manipulation of the Shepard or the acts of the simple-minded sheep. Either way, believers are convinced that if they sacrifice for the kingdom, they shall receive their reward. But, R. Renee says that they had their reward but gave it to the church. “God will not ask you or require you to neglect your financial responsibilities to “pay him”.”

R. Renee says that it is the duty of the pastor to inform his congregation about how to have discernment when it comes to finances, and when to give and to pay your bills.

Watch the video here:

black people and money

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