Bad Girls Club’s Danni Victor Begs For Money On Twitter

Bad Girls Club’s Danni Victor Begs For Money On Twitter

By Ryan Velez

Reality TV money can be a fickle revenue stream, and Bossip reports that Bad Girls Club’s Danni Victor has found this out firsthand, being forced to go to Twitter to ask for money after apparently falling on hard times. Victor explained her financial straits in a series of tweets:

“Guys, rent is due in 1 day and I have $10 to my name, haven’t worked in 5 months, can’t land a TV gig, haven’t been on a date date in over a year, I’ve been sick since Christmas Eve, like I need 2018 to come through and bless my whole life because I can’t.”

To her credit, depending on who you ask, she mentioned that she was unashamed to be asking for money and open to the fact that this is contributing to her depression.

“And if anyone wondering if I’m serious, the answer is yes. No one knows half the sh** I’ve been through 2017 or why I didn’t “manage” my expenses. So if you talk sh** get blocked. Other than that donate or dont:” “For a minute I’ve been feeling unsuccessful and like a loser but before I lost all my money I was pretty spoiled, reality check. Hate being broke and I hate asking for help but sometimes you have to ask for it.”

Some are putting the money into her PayPal, while others are having a bit of fun at her expense. Part of the mixed reception to this issue may be Victor’s reality persona bleeding into real life a bit. Bad Girls Club was created by created by Jonathan Murray for the Oxygen network. Women are selected for the show. They are introduced to the show based on their capacity to be a “charismatic, tough chick.” The cast deemed “bad girls” enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in a fine mansion for three months, during which they must obey specified rules. Their lives inside and outside of the house are chronicled and recorded by the production team. Generally, arguments, fights, and sexcapades are the focus of the show. In its current state, the show is in a bit of limbo following an announcement last summer that it was switching to a true-crime format.

While Victor and her co-stars have their fans, to be sure, her persona may not necessarily be conducive to eliciting sympathy. If her financial issues were truly out of her control, hopefully, people can set that aside and help.



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