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Why Did Beyonce Spend $150,000 In Tour Merchandise App?

Why Did Beyonce Spend $150,000 In Tour Merchandise App?

By Victor Ochieng

Songstress Beyoncé wants to get the most out of her Formation World Tour and she’s invested a clean $150,000 in a tour merchandise app called Sidestep, a mobile app created specifically for purchasing merchandise.

According to impeccable reports, the 35-year-old made the investment through her company, Parkwood Entertainment.

The app is being used to sell merchandise for the singer’s Formation World Tour, which is set to end this month. People are tired of queuing at a physical store to purchase merchandise ahead, during or after a show, and that’s the solution that Sidestep is offering users.

Pick up points are provided at event venues to make it easier for users to get their ordered merchandise. Besides the concert venue, Sidestep also provides home delivery services.

Before the app was launched, many people would stay long on the queue only to find out that their preferred merchandise had been sold out or unavailable.

As for the musician, Sidestep is a great way to boost merchandise sales.

In a TechCrunch interview with Sidestep CEO Eric Jones, he said he wanted The Formation Tour to be tech focused and was very happy that such a small startup is set to work with such a major world tour.

Jones, who worked with a music band after completing a high school education, decided to create the app with the hope of helping struggling music artists earn money through merchandise sales.

“What I experienced as an artist made me realize how many things were missing from the merchandise experience and how much data was not being collected, so Sidestep was a no-brainer,” she told Forbes in a separate interview.

Sidestep isn’t the first business venture that Beyoncé has gone into. Just the other day, she was part of the launch of a vegan meal delivery service under a company called 22 Day Nutrition. Even though the singer isn’t fully vegan, she’s made efforts to include plant-based food in her diet. Beyoncé is also among 16 artists who’ve got stakes in Tidal, her husband Jay Z’s music streaming service.

Other artists using Sidestep to sell their merchandise include Justin Bieber, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy and Selena Gomez. Other notable persons with stakes in Sidestep are former Lady Gaga manager Troy Carter and Jared Leto.

In terms of numbers, the app is realizing enormous growth. The company’s sale has risen 10 times from the previous year to $2 million.


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