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Beyoncé’s Little Sister, Solange Knowles Publicly Supports Black-Owned Banks

Beyoncé’s Little Sister, Solange Knowles Publicly Supports Black-Owned Banks

By Robert Stitt

Solange Knowles may be Beyoncé’s little sister, but she has a career, money, voice, and mind of her own. Recently, she put all of them together to make a statement after the police shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Falcon Heights, Minnesota, respectively. Solange’s message:

“We have marched, protested, fought, donated, built schools, mentored, used our voices, met with leaders…invested and supported our own black businesses (although I admittedly can do even better on this one)…Created platforms to empower one another, and have been [activists] just by existing in the spaces we have only to be told over and over again that it does not matter. We do not matter. Our bodies don’t matter. Our minds do not matter.”

Unlike many before her, Solange vowed to take a stand. She pulled her money out of her bank and moved it to a Black-owned bank. She posted the move on Instagram to over 1.4 million followers. She wrote:

“There are over 21 black-owned banks in the U.S. Also…. While I realize this is a very personal decision and thing to share, I’m proud to say I made that step today. Time to literally put my money where my mouth is. I can not vouch for any of these institutions, but if you are interested in the information, @saintheron has posted the list (via hbcu money)…”

According to the Atlanta Black Star, other celebrities who have vowed to support Black businesses and Black banks include Usher, Killer Mike, and Jermain Dupri. In February, Usher told RollingOut that “Empowerment starts with ownership. We’re here supporting Citizens Trust Bank as a Black bank, but it also stands for the support of all the Black businesses that they support. It’s all about supporting our own.”


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