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How Having A Big Mouth Can Ruin An Endorsement Deal

How Having A Big Mouth Can Ruin An Endorsement Deal

By Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III

Can we be honest and say that every parent wants the best for their child? Whether it’s professionally or personally, no rational parent wants to see their child suffer. As a matter of fact, parents will sacrifice whatever is necessary to make sure their child is secured.

Even though parents want the best for their child, they must understand the child has to live his/her life. In other words, the child has to live their own life. Let’s face it – when a child grows up, they are responsible for their own actions or lack thereof.

Just about everyone who is a sports fan knows Lonzo Ball, the outstanding All-American freshman basketball player from UCLA. This year he made headlines with his dominant play on the court. Off the court, Ball’s father became a bit of a distraction. To be blunt, he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

Ball’s father, LaVar has been seeking a major endorsement for his sons in 2020. Lonzo has declared himself NBA draft eligible, his second son will be heading to UCLA to play this upcoming season, and his third son, who just completed his sophomore year in high school has verbally committed to UCLA.

The father wants an endorsement deal with a major brand so much so that he has created a personal brand called Big Baller Brand. Was this smart?

“According to ESPN, Lavar has ruined his son’s chances at shoe deals. Nike, Adidas and Under Armor all have indicated they want no part of the Ball family. Mostly due to Lavar wanting to design his own shoe and go half on ownership.”

Because of what LaVar has done, Twitter is having fun on his account. Some are saying that the only shoe company interested in Ball is Sketchers.

Here’s a fact – high NBA draft picks relish in huge endorsements. Could it be that Ball will be looking up and asking the question – what happened to my endorsement?


Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III is a speaker, author, and success coach. Contact him at or on Twitter

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