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Black Entrepreneur Has Developed First Refillable Deodorant In The Industry

Black Entrepreneur Has Developed First Refillable Deodorant In The Industry

By Victor Ochieng

The idea of having a refillable deodorant has been floating around for a while, even though no company has taken the initiative to introduce one to the market. This void may have been what prompted Antoine Wade to step in and introduce the product.

Switch Fresh, the newly introduced unisex deodorant, is a timely addition to the market, especially for those who feel that throwing away their deodorant bottles after use is a waste.

Switch Fresh comes in different scents, with each named after different locations. There is the vanilla scent based on Chicago’s South Loop; then there is the apple scent named after TriBeCa neighborhood of New York and another unscented one gets its name from Aspen. To start up the product and get it running, Wade, basketball star Dwayne Wade’s cousin, started an IndieGoGo campaign in a bid to raise funds towards the new venture.

Speaking to, Wade said he didn’t pick on a cologne project because he was of the idea that many entertainers were already into the business. He decided to think of other personal products he could invest in and that’s when the idea of a deodorant came into mind. For decades, the design hadn’t changed and Wade saw this as an opportunity. Surely, after using the deodorant, there is really nothing wrong with the bottle, he quipped. To allow for a reuse of the bottle, he had to first come up with a proper design. As a solution, Wade’s design introduced gliders that allow for easy lowering and raising of the product.

Wade then proceeded to patent the idea so no one would steal his design. At first, he thought of licensing the idea to an existing personal product company, but changed his mind, choosing to start a company that he could build and later hand over to his children. To solidify his idea, he carried out some research on the science behind our sweating, other deodorants in the market, as well as how he would get the products to customers.

Wade went into crowdsourcing; first for the money and also to test whether or not people would buy into his idea. Because he wanted a customer centric approach, he knew that crowdfunding would attract feedback that would enable him to make adjustments before settling on a final design that he would eventually deliver to the market.

Currently, the product is only available on pre-order on Indiegogo.


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