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Black Genius Creates Dating App and Turns Down Google and Microsoft

Black Genius Creates Dating App and Turns Down Google and Microsoft

By Robert Stitt

In an age where Black men are all but non-existent in the tech world, it may seem odd when one of them turns down a high-paying full-time job with Google and Microsoft.  Yet, that is exactly what Jordan Kunzika, a 21-year old, Black computer genius, did.

According to Black Business, Kunzika is a Google Generation Scholar whose internships at Microsoft and Intel caught the eye of the Silicon Valley execs. By the time Microsoft and Google came calling, Kunzika already had other plans, so he turned them down.

Kunzika, who said he was often the only Black kid in his computer classes, decided to toss his skills into the ring with his friends Brian and Justin Gerrard. Together, they created a dating app for Black people. The app, Bae, has seen solid use around the world with over 200,000 downloads in less than a year.

Why didn’t Kunzika feel the need to go with the tech giants when the time came to sign on the dotted line? After all, isn’t that what he had prepared his whole life for? He told TechCrunch, “I was honored to get full-time offers from Microsoft and Google before even turning 21, but I knew that I could serve a higher calling to represent a paradigm shift in what a tech entrepreneur could look like.”

Kunzika says that Bae is different from other dating apps because of this proprietary algorithm that provides quality dating matches. He believes that Bae can become the number one Black dating app in the United States, Africa, and the Caribbean. It’s already won a number of awards and is a Top 50 Lifestyle app in Africa and the Caribbean countries.

Helping Kunzika and his friends is what appears to be a future partnership with Facebook. With Facebook behind you, who needs Google or Microsoft?


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