Brothers Set To Open Band of Brothers Brewing Company in Tuscaloosa, the Third Beer Making Company to Open over the Last 5 Years

Brothers Set To Open Band of Brothers Brewing Company in Tuscaloosa, the Third Beer Making Company to Open over the Last 5 Years

By Victor Ochieng

Jeremiah and Jeremy Donald grew up in Clarke County at a time when alcohol sales were banned. The two brothers had to find a way to satisfy their desire to drink beer, so they decided to learn the art, having acquired the skill from their grandfather. Little did they know that their skills would one day turn into a money minting business. Yes, the brothers have now turned that leisure into business, having launched their company in July of this year.

Their company, Band of Brothers Brewing Co., became the third beer brewing company to open in Tuscaloosa within the past five years.

“This is craft beer,” Jeremy Donald said back in June. “We wanted to open a brewery because it is something new and unique. We like being independent and doing different things. For a good little while, making a beer in Alabama was difficult. Once those (restrictions) started to break loose and we saw people taking the chance to open breweries, we decided to do the same thing.”

The two brothers were also inspired into taking a step as they saw others turn their ideas into real businesses. Druid City Brewing Co. was particularly an inspiration to them, pushing them to make their dream a reality.

“You have really great stories like Druid City Brewing Co. that just made it happen. That was an inspiring story for us. That’s what they wanted to do and they went out and did it. That’s how we’re approaching it. Druid City and Black Warrior Brewing blazed the path in (Tuscaloosa) so others could see that it could be done. We thought, ‘Well, why don’t we do that?’ ”

Jeremiah Donald, who’s the older brother and Band of Brothers Brewing Co.’s brewmaster, said that their company would provide an assortment of specialty beers and ales.

“We’ll be offering a Saisson, and that’s a beer that’s 7 percent alcohol,” he said. “The Saisson typically starts to get into the high gravity range. It has a little more alcohol than the typical drinking beers and it’s one of our mid-level high-gravity beers. It’s got a little fruity type taste to it. It’s a light, refreshing, crisp beer.”

The other drink availed by the company is IPA (India pale ale), which is slightly sweet.

“We also have an IPA (India pale ale) that we’re going to come out with. It’s got a clean bitterness to it and has right around 6 percent alcohol. It finishes a little sweet with blueberries and notes of stone fruit,” he said.

The two brothers aren’t ending the deal there. They also came up with an easy drinking beer that’s done in a unique style.

“We also have an Alabama Session Ale. That’s a unique style that we created on our own. There’s no definition for it. It’s something my brother and I came up with together. It’s about 5 percent beer, so it’s what people are used to. It’s an easy drinking beer that has a little bit of a citrus taste to it. A Session ale is designed to be easily drunk. It puts you in the mind of the type of beer you mow the lawn with, go hiking, camping. It’s the beer you go on vacation with — the working man’s beer.”

Jeremiah has also revealed that they created brown ale, which has actually become their favorite beer.

Pints are selling at around $5.

Their company is located at 1605 23rd Ave., across from the Drish House.



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