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Business Owners Should Know When To Curb Their Humorous Side

Business Owners Should Know When To Curb Their Humorous Side

Reported by Liku Zelleke

As serious as matters may be in the business world, it doesn’t mean a little humor won’t help to smooth things down… but only sometimes. One field where a business can really lean towards the lighter side of things is in the marketing department where any tactic is fair game when it comes to attracting potential customers’ attention.

On the other hand, humor is a tool which business owners should handle with care as it could easily end up offending someone. Of course, there are those who think that any publicity is good publicity.

As a business owner, you should always weigh whether the effects of humor are worth taking the risks because humor doesn’t always go as planned. As a guideline, here are a few points you might want to consider before setting out on a “funny” campaign:

Don’t fake controversy – if there is no controversy surrounding your products or services, don’t create any. According to Business Collective, you shouldn’t confuse your customers by sending out mixed signals; if you’re a serious business, stay so.

Only go for it when you’re sure it will fly – some businesses have the knack of creating amazing advertisements that are both ticklish and a little bit offensive at the same time. If the offense is just enough to be able to be covered by the humor, then you will have created an ad that is memorable.

If you have to offend people, they should be out of your targeted demographic. This point makes sense in that it would be akin to shooting one’s own foot to do otherwise. If your campaign ends up alienating the same exact people you are trying to woo or reel in, then you really haven’t planned things out well.

Remember your geography – what may be considered funny in one region could end up being quite offensive in another. You should be sensitive to cultures and traditions when you send out your messages. Otherwise, you could find yourself facing a baying mob on your doorsteps.

Learn and adapt – if you have had a few campaigns, then you will have the experience and information upon which you can base your next ones. If things didn’t go well the first time around, then make sure you go back to the drawing boards and fix it. Don’t be ashamed to make recalls or corrections.


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