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The Cannabis Industry Is Budding and Blooming – What Can We Expect?

The Cannabis Industry Is Budding and Blooming – What Can We Expect?

Reported by Liku Zelleke

Times are good for the cannabis industry as more and more states legalize the personal and recreational use of marijuana. A herb that was once associated with Bob Marley, Rastafarianism, rebellion, and advocates like Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, and Woody Harrelson has suddenly gone mainstream with a budding, but very lucrative and legal industry already growing around it.

Pundits and stakeholders have already appeared around this industry and can now give us an insight into what we can expect, not only in the coming year but also well into the future.

One optimist who bases his predictions on the fact that many states across the U.S. have also started the legalization process is Chef Miguel Trinidad, co-founder of 99th Floor, a cannabis edibles company, who says he expects to “see new products and technologies for extracting the purest forms of cannabinoids, and more use of CBDs in ways we haven’t imagined” and that “the negative stigmas attached to [cannabis use] will begin to fade.”

Tanganyika Daniel, founder of Jayn Greene thinks the business will continue to skyrocket as “the general population is becoming increasingly curious about the health and financial benefits of cannabis.” Daniel advises that those who are really committed to the business should “stay focused and let Mother Nature do her thang [sic].”

It can be safely argued that the cannabis culture has, for better or worse, always been closely associated with the black culture. Well, that won’t be for too long if Ophelia Chong has her way. The StockPot Images founder says they are already a minority in all sectors of industry and when it comes to the cannabis industry it is even more so.

“We are doubly prejudiced by racial stereotypes in the drug culture …we must be vocal and show ‘face’.

“Our strength lies in our communities and in our altruism: to succeed, we must also look to our left and to our right and bring everyone forward,” Chong says.

With such fierce competition already firing up in the industry, one can only hope to see a bright tomorrow for whoever jumps into it right now.


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