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How “Cash Me Ousside” Girl Is Using Her Viral Fame To Become A Millionaire By Year’s End

How “Cash Me Ousside” Girl Is Using Her Viral Fame To Become A Millionaire By Year’s End

By Ryan Velez

Chances are that anyone active on social media can recognize Danielle Bregoli’s face (and voice) if not her name. The 13-year-old became a full-on Internet sensation after appearing on an episode of Dr.Phil where she uttered the now-famous phrase “Cash me ousside, how bow dah?”. The viral fame that has followed her is not a huge surprise, though the scale of it may be, including 6.3 million Instagram followers, appearing on a song with rapper Kodak Black, showing up in music videos and filming a cameo in a YouTube star’s weekly update. What may be shocking though, according to an article from Celebrity Net Worth, is that Bregoli could possibly become a millionaire off of her fame by the end of the year.

One of the major sources of income for Bregoli could be through product placement videos, which she has already started doing through her Instagram for Fit Tea and Postmates. These videos have become a huge success, with the Fit Tea video being viewed 6.7 million times. Celebrities with Bregoli’s level of following on Instagram could possibly make up to $100,000 a month on product ads, as well as $50,000 for a single post.

However, Instagram is not the only potential moneymaker for the teen, as she is reportedly charging $40,000 for meet and greet sessions. One such event is her scheduled appearance at the  Rolling Loud Music Festival in May. On top of her $40,000 payday for the event, the owner of the company says that he will also be throwing Bregoli’s 14th birthday party at the event, and she will be getting a cut of all the party’s ticket sales. Danielle’s representation says it costs around $30,000 to get her to appear at an event in the United States and $40,000 for an event abroad.

The moneymaking potential may not be over yet, either. According to a TMZ report, Bregoli is currently meeting with reality show producers to work out a deal for a reality show. According to her managers, seven production companies have made contact, and four of them are interested in doing a show with Danielle and her mother.


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