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Chance the Rapper’s Birthday Party Raises $100,000 In Support Of SocialWorks Charity

Chance the Rapper’s Birthday Party Raises $100,000 In Support Of SocialWorks Charity

By Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III

Every year, when celebrities celebrate their birthday, it’s one of the biggest events of the year. They invite family, friends, and the who’s who of various industries. Let’s face it – it’s a night of partying, drinking, dancing, and having all sorts of fun. Why? Because they can simply afford it.

While it’s true that not all entertainers blow a lot of money on birthday party’s, the truth of the matter is that many of them do. Rarely do you hear of entertainers using their birthday to raise money for a worthy cause.

It’s no secret that Chance the Rapper has an affinity for helping the public school system in Chicago. With the lack of resources within the public school system, Chance the Rapper has put his stamp on doing what he can to help those in need.

Throughout his philanthropic effort, Chance has contributed $1 million dollars to the Chicago Public School Foundation for arts and enrichment programming. As a product of CPS, Chance understands the meaning of giving back.

Well, he’s at it again. Chance recently celebrated his 24th birthday and while everyone was grinning and smiling, he raised $100,000 for his SocialWorks Charity.

In a story published in Bossip, “Dubbed ‘Chance The Birthday’, the event benefited the organization that aims to empower arts, education, and civic engagement while fostering leadership, accessibility, and positivity among Chicago’s youth.”

Without a doubt, Chance is making a difference. He’s using his fame and fortune to empower the lives of so many kids.

Remember, this started when Chance had a disappointing meeting with the governor of Chicago. Instead of being bitter, he decided to do something positive and productive.

Happy Birthday Chance the Rapper. You deserve to be happy and to receive all of the best for your unselfish efforts.


Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III is a speaker, author, and success coach. Contact him at or on Twitter

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