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College student creates an awesome plan for saving that gets media attention

College student creates an awesome plan for saving that gets media attention

Dr. Watkins,

My name is Aaron Greene and I am a senior public relations major at the University of South Carolina.  First I want to thank you for being a strong leader that has been continuing to speak out on the injustices in America.  You have not faltered like some other leaders that are consumed with drinking the President Obama kool-laid.  I truly respect President Obama but I feel that since he has been in office many black leaders have begin to go silent on black issues to appease the administration.  There is no reason Al Sharpton or President Obama should be urging the black church to go all out supporting the Iran deal, when our community has not been fully supported by this administration.  Thank you for speaking the truth and having moral conviction.
I began watching some of your videos this summer and they have helped open my eyes to many things.  Most importantly they have encouraged me to study and learn more about the past, present, and future.  I recently watched one of your videos from a year ago about the importance of saving.  Today I created a savings plan for the school year and shared it with my peers.  I also wanted to share it with you since you are connected to a large audience of people.  I have attached the savings plan to the email. This plan will help me save an upwards of $7,000 in 36 weeks.
I also want to share with you details about a movement I started called Growing Together.
Here is the documentary on Growing Together:

Thank You,

Aaron Greene

University of South Carolina ’16
Public Relations Major
Intern | Triple P America

36 weeks savings plan


September 2015 – May 2016


  1. When you get your first check, see how much of 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% of your check will be.
  1. Choose a percentage that you want to put away in your savings every time you get paid.
  1. Set up with payroll to automatically put the percentage into your savings from every paycheck
  1. Multiply the amount you save from your first check by 18 (the amount of checks you’ll receive) then you’ll get your savings goal amount.
  1. Once you have your checking account comfortably past $1,000 never let it get below that point unless for an emergency


black people and money

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