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Course offering: How to make money publishing Kindle Books

Course offering: How to make money publishing Kindle Books

Ever thought about becoming an author? This is a class that will teach you how to become a master at producing and selling books on Kindle.  Kindle is a platform that is being read by millions of people, and for the aspiring author, this could open the door for you to finally achieve the goal that you’ve set for yourself.

Writing a book is hard, but selling that book is harder.  There are thousands of books being written every day that never get more than a few dozen readers, primarily because the authors do not take the time to learn how to market and distribute their product.  So, keep in mind that once your book is ready for the world, people aren’t going to come read it just because you’ve created the product.  Instead, you have to learn the tricks that help some authors sell hundreds of thousands of dollars in books every year.

Here is a quick note from the author of the class:

Hi, I’m Stefan. I’m a Kindle publisher, blogger and internet marketer. I’ve currently published over 100+ Kindle e-books and teach others how to make money with Amazon Kindle Publishing. Feel free to reach out to me, and be sure to check out my course.

To find out more about this class, you can visit this link below – give it a try:  Kindle Money Mastery

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