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Creflo Dollar has two Rolls Royces and a Private Jet, all in the name of Jesus

Creflo Dollar has two Rolls Royces and a Private Jet, all in the name of Jesus

Creflo Dollar is the founder of World Changers Church International which boasts of an 8,500 seater amphitheater called the “World Dome” costing about $18 million obtained in 1995,  absolutely without any financing from any bank.  

Here are some other facts about the pastor who is named about the dollar bill (yes, that’s his real name).

by Marie Seva

Creflo Dollar began preaching within the confines of a school cafeteria to only 8 people. Today, the World Changers Church International (WCCI) has about 30,000 constituents.  Dollar himself has a net worth of about $27 million.

Below are ten other facts about the televangelist:

1.) Dollar or Creflo A. Dollar Jr. is son to Creflo A. Dollar Sr. who was a law enforcement officer.   The pastor is married to Taffi Dollar.  After being wed in 1985, they were blessed with two daughters and three sons.

2.) Dollar originally had his heart on becoming a football player.  But after getting injured in his first year in college, he diverted to preaching about the Bible, where he gained recognition.  This laid the foundation for the birth of the “World Changers Bible Study” which is now known as “World Changers Church International.”

3.)  Dollar has authored several books. Among them are “Understanding God’s Purpose for the Anointing,” “Claim Your Victory Today,” and “8 Steps to Create the Life You Want.”

4.) Taffi Dollar does Creflo’s introduction during services.  Part of her elocution describes him  to be the one who  speaks “face to face with God, like Moses.”  She also includes an admonition saying “every tongue that rises up against” (Dollar) “will be struck down.”

5.)  In June 2012, a call was received by 911 from the teen daughter of Dollar, who complained that her father had punched and choked her.  He was arrested and charged with family brutality and juvenile cruelty.  He was released after a $5,000 bail was settled.  Charges were also dropped after payment was made for some $1,000 in court fees.  He was also required to complete a three-month anger management program.

6.) Dollar’s statements about his salary seem to be conflicting.  In an interview by the New York Times in January 2006, Dollar said his salary, which he did not reveal, was determined by a compensation board located within the WCCI Georgia chapter.  In November of the same year, only ten months later, in an interview with Art Franklin (WAGA TV), Dollar stated that he was no longer receiving a salary from WCCI.

7.) U.S. Senator Charles Grassley’s 2007 investigative report on evangelists lists Dollar as among those who live luxurious lives, having  mansions in New York, two Rolls Royces and a private jet.  In addition to being in the Donor Alert list, Creflo Dollar was also given an “F” by the Ministry Watch for his spiritual leadership due to his failure to manifest transparency or to disclose financial records.

8.) Dollar did not earn a degree in theology.  He instead received mentorship from friend and spiritual director, Kenneth Copeland, for whom Dollar is alleged to have requested church members to collaboratively raise funds to reach some $2M for the Copelands’ celebration of their 40 years in service.  Rich Vermillion, former partner for Copeland, said that letters and DVDs were distributed to solicit funds for Kenneth and Gloria Copeland.

9.) According to the Report of the  Senate Finance Committee, Minority Staff Review of WCCI, the property at 4695 Hamden Forest, Atlanta, GA  was purchased by the Dollars in 1996 but transferred to WCCI in 1998 with a quitclaim which meant all loan balances would be paid by WCCI and in the same year the loan with NationsBank was paid.   In 2000, the property was transferred back to the Dollars (No information was available to verify if any amount was paid by the Dollars for the transfer.).  In 2003 and 2004, Dollar obtained two loans amounting to  about $1M and $600,000 accordingly using the property as collateral.  In 2006, Dollar said he was selling the property for $3M. In 2008 America’s Network Realty Group reported it was being sold at a price of $1,990,000 and in 2011, it is listed at a selling price of $1,395,000 in


10.)   A jet called the Sabreliner 60, as noted from the Report of the  Senate Finance Committee, Minority Staff Review of WCCI, was said to have been purchased by the church (WCCI) for Dollar’s church work.  However, the records of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA),  indicate that the jet is owned by World Heir Inc., a private, profit earning organization owned by Creflo Dollar and his wife, Taffi Dollar.  Further, FAA records also show that quite a number of flights using the jet were to various vacation locations.  Among them are:  Las Vegas, Nevada,  Miami, Florida, and Honolulu, Hawaii.







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