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Dad jailed for faking his own death to avoid paying child support

Dad jailed for faking his own death to avoid paying child support

By blogger | April 2, 2015

Parents are expected to care for their children both emotionally and financially, but one father went out of his way to avoid taking responsibility for his child.

A Milwaukee father hatched a plan to fake his own death to get out of paying child support.

John McCroy, also known by his rap name of “Jakitdown”, was sentenced to 60 days in jail after authorities determined that he’d avoided paying support for his daughter. He also faces 3 years probation stemming from the felony failure to pay child support charge.

McCroy is unemployed and lives at home with his parents, but still managed to pay $10,000 in outstanding child support.

McCroy was originally profiled on FOX 6  for flashing online the money he made from mixtapes.

When McCroy was interviewed by the news station, he told a reporter that he couldn’t pay because he’d died in a car accident.

McCroy was only ordered to pay $100 dollars a month for his 5 year old daughter. He paid $100 when his daughter was born and never paid again.

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