Black unemployment

Dear Black People: You have the ability to employ your own people

Dear Black People: You have the ability to employ your own people

Dear Black people: You possess $1.1 trillion in spending power. According to most economists, it costs about $90,000 to create one job. So, with the spending power you have in your community, you can create AT LEAST 12.2 million jobs for your own people.
There are roughly 19.5 million African Americans in the labor force. So, with our spending power alone, we have the ability to employ roughly 62% of our own people. With the dollars that then circulate in our community, and adding in a commitment to entrepreneurship, we could then have the ability to employ nearly every able-bodied person in America.
These are simplistic calculations, but the point is very simple: When you buy black, invest black, build black and embrace entrepreneurship, financial literacy and cooperative economics, you then gain the ability to control your own destiny. Nobody can stop us, but us.
Let’s harness our economic power right now.
Dr Boyce Watkins
You also have the ability to educate your own children.  So, rather than getting upset about what public schools aren’t doing for your children, support home schooling cooperatives and other initiatives to build schools in your neighborhoods.  Other people are never going to educate your kids the way you can.

Black unemployment

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