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Dear Black People: The wealth equality fight is practically over – Here’s what you need to do instead

Dear Black People: The wealth equality fight is practically over – Here’s what you need to do instead

Dear black people,
What you have to understand about wealth inequality is this: THE GAME IS OVER. America is not going to get better at sharing money, it’s going to get worse. Voting for the right politician won’t work, since most of your political leaders are owned by major corporations. 
For some reason, you’ve been deluded into believing that you’re patient enough, polite enough and acquiece to the pressures of white supremacy, then whites will magically step up off of trillions in wealth they feel belongs to them and hand it over to you.  I’m sorry, but that’s probably not going to happen.  Ever.
The best way to compete in this kind of game is to know where the money and resources are and learn to build and protect what you’ve got. It’s about teaching the fundamentals of being an owner, producer and investor in a world filled with renters, consumers and borrowers.
You’ve got money in your pocket right now and that money is going to go somewhere. The question is this: Is this money going to go toward something that will build a future and earn more money for you, or is it going to go into the hands of a shopping mall, landlord or credit card company?
The bottom line is that these transactions make some people rich and other people poor. A man or woman with just a few dollars with knowledge of investing can build a business with the energy in his body, the creativity in his mind, the contacts in his database, the free time on his calendar and the knowledge in his brain. The question is, “Which side of that equation are you going to choose to be on? The borrowers, renters and consumers or the investors, owners and producers?”
The issue is simple when you understand it, and the choice is ALWAYS up to you.
Dr Boyce Watkins
Dr Boyce Watkins is a Finance PhD and founder of The Black Business School.  To learn more about Dr Watkins’ programs, please visit

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