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How Design-Oriented Mindset Works To Boost Your Business Performance

How Design-Oriented Mindset Works To Boost Your Business Performance

By Victor Ochieng

When most people think about design, what first comes to mind is graphics and user interfaces. And this is where many entrepreneurs limit their design ideas, not bothering about other areas of design that can help them expand their clientele and enhance efficiency. What people should know is that the scope of branding goes way beyond appealing websites, branding and apps.

A business can choose to design almost everything, including their office door, how traffic moves in their lobby, the position of the secretary’s office and that of the manager, on-boarding process for business’ new recruits, and more.

According to an article posted on BlackEnterprise.Com, the design process must begin from a set of objectives. Simon Berg, leader of Ceros, an interactive content marketing platform, however notes that a design is likely to fail if the primary focus is the expected outputs: “I want a door” rather than “I want an easy way to pass between two rooms on a frequent basis.” This kind of view is why in most cases, design is left for outsourced service providers, who, instead of working keenly on improving your general business’ design, focus mainly on making a sale.

Why Do People Put Design on The Periphery?

It’s because it’s intangible. People tend to like it but don’t consider it a need. Even in cases where designers are employed by a business, they’re often treated as people roped in to take orders and not inject their own creativity. What you should do, however, is to describe the challenge you’re facing and let the designer come up with the most fitting solution. Ensure that the people you hire are individuals who’ve got great design skills. Empower them and allow them to bring in their creativity into your business.

Who Is a Design Centered Entrepreneur?

This is someone who reckons with the fact that design is central to the general success of the business and is a valuable skill set that every business needs. Such an entrepreneur must acknowledge that design is key to business success and that it should actually be performed by an expert.

A design centered entrepreneur will hire creative people and empower them, engaging them only on positive debate meant for improving the business design.

How Can An Entrepreneur Nurture a Design-Centered Business?

No matter your industry, you can become a design centered entrepreneur. Should you be interested in developing a design-centered business, you should embrace and teach your team to appreciate design. Encourage those with creative design ideas to hold forums and share with workmates. Don’t limit your team’s creativity. Instead, teach them and encourage them to expand their boundaries by experimenting beyond what’s obvious.

By putting the above points into consideration and implementing them, customers who engage your business will have a better customer experience.


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