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Detroit Youth Investors Rang Chicago Stock Exchange Closing Bell On Jan 2nd

Detroit Youth Investors Rang Chicago Stock Exchange Closing Bell On Jan 2nd

By Ryan Velez

January 2nd was the first business day of the year, and Rolling Out reports that one Detroit youth group rang the New Year in style, being one of the first youth groups of its kind to ring the closing bell at the Chicago Stock Exchange.

Money Matters for Youth (MM4Y) “is an organization that is geared towards helping young people become financially literate and has been teaching financial literacy for the past 21 years. Its mission is to teach approximately 200 students annually between the ages of 8-18 the basics of economics and financial literacy and over the past two decades, they’ve done this through a 5-day summer camp for its youth “investors.” Last spring, the group made history by being the first group of its kind to attend Warren Buffet’s shareholder weekend in Omaha, Nebraska.”

The goal of this act is to take the youth investors and expose them to the world of business and entrepreneurship. 27 members made the trip to Chicago. They were in proper business attire with the young men donning white dress shirts, black dress pants and green ties and the young ladies wore black dress skirts or pants, white blouses, and pearls.

Their day in Chicago included lunch at the main downtown Chicago branch of Fifth Third Bank with executives from the bank, an opportunity to speak with traders at the stock exchange, and concluded with a tour of the Chicago Stock Market, where they rang the closing bell before heading back to Detroit.

“It is going to be the experience of a lifetime for these young people,” Perry-Mason said. “This trip embodies our motto as another opportunity to expose our young people to the business world and potential career opportunities within the corporate arena. “

A major part of getting into business as a minority or underprivileged group is to feel that you belong or have a place in the business world. While this opportunity may seem like a fun field trip, the ability to see how the professional world works and get a bit of a look at it may make the difference for some of these young men and women and their professional ambitions. Hopefully, we will see some of the members of this group making major financial moves in the future.


black people and money

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