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Dr. Boyce Video: How to Save Money and How to Save Black People

Dr. Boyce Video: How to Save Money and How to Save Black People

In this video, we explain why saving and investing your money is the same as saving your life.  The video is in response to a question sent by a reader on how to save money and how to be a strong black man.  The video has information that may help you in your own journey, since we are all fighting our own battles in the workplace and in our communities.

There is also an effort to make black men softer and weaker in numerous ways.  This hurts the social and economic future of the black community because weak men who are not financially empowered are not able to provide for their families.  We don’t support these efforts to soften black men, for we see them as ways that the liberal agenda is designed to keep black people economically dependent instead of financially and politically liberated, which is where we want them to be.

Also, as the year 2014 begins, there are things that black people can do to help win the war against racism and economic servitude. But in order for us to win the battle as a community, you have to win it yourself. Check the video out and give us your thoughts. What should black people do in the year 2014 to make their lives better?

Dr Boyce

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