black people and money

Dr Boyce Watkins: Economics is all about gang warfare and black people often lose

Dr Boyce Watkins: Economics is all about gang warfare and black people often lose

by Dr Boyce Watkins

When most of us think about gangs and gang warfare, there is usually a negative connotation.   We think that gangs might be exclusive to our community and nowhere else, and that they are destructive.

Actually, this isn’t always true.  Gangs are everywhere, and nature dictates that gangs naturally form as a means to survival for those who are affiliated.  This is why many animals tend to run in packs.  There’s strength in numbers.

1) Police departments are a gang

2) The European Union is a gang

3) Corporations are economic gangs

4) Asian, Arab and Indian communities that support each other’s businesses are a gang

5) The NCAA is a gang, where thousands of schools collude to exploit collegiate athletes for their own economic gain.

The fact is that gangs are all around us.

So, the question for every black person to answer is:  Where is our economic gang?  Meaning, what structured organization exists that allows us to pool our resources, support one another, protect each other’s interests and facilitate trade?

No such gang exists, at least not in a large scale.   When such economic gangs are created, they become Black Wall Streets.  We had this before integration.  Integration watered us down and killed our meaningful coalitions.  We now find ourselves more vulnerable than ever before.

My point in bringing all this us is that we as black people must understand the importance of forming coalitions as a critical part of our economic and political strategy.  When we work together and connect, we are better able to win battles and control our environment.  This is part of the reason that others have worked so hard to divide us.

These are some of the concepts being taught and explained in our new course, “Black Money 101:  An introduction to the power of money.”  The course is self-paced, with plenty of material being added each week. The regular monthly fee for the course is $49, but for one more day, you can get access to the material for 48% off the regular price.

This will be your monthly fee both now and forever, as long as you’re a member of the program.   To take advantage of this exclusive, limited time offer, you can visit this link.

The fact is that in order for us to harness our $1.1 trillion in spending power, black people must learn to think with one economic mind.  This means investing black, owning black, building black, spending black and being black at all times.

When others try to stop you from doing this, it is because they realize that you are becoming more powerful than ever before.

Dr Boyce Watkins is a Finance PhD and founder of The Black Business School.  To find out more please visit 


black people and money

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