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Dr Boyce Watkins: Our kids are getting left behind, and I’m just sick of it

Dr Boyce Watkins: Our kids are getting left behind, and I’m just sick of it

by Dr Boyce Watkins
We live in an economically-competitive world and our kids are NOT prepared. Many of us find ourselves begging for jobs, struggling financially, hating our lives and angry. Much of this comes from the fact that we do not know the first thing about creating jobs, investing, wealth-building and supporting financially supporting our community.
Many of us are better built to be slaves to white people than we are to fend for ourselves.  This bothers me.  It keeps me up at night.  Quite frankly, it really pisses me off.
The question we must ask is, “Do we want our kids to struggle the same way that we are right now?”
Whenever you see a black child spending all his time learning songs on the radio, doing the latest dance moves, or hanging out on Snapchat, just remember that we may be creating an economic victim. Across town, some Asian, Jewish, white or Arab kid is being drilled with the information he will need to exploit the hell out of the black child across town.  
This is not a fair fight and we are NOT winning. If we don’t make the change right now, then we’re just leaving our children to suffer.  We must dramatically shift black culture RIGHT NOW to ensure that wealth-building, investing and entrepreneurship are as essential to being black as learning how to do the Electric Slide. 
I’d like to see 100,000 black children trained on the basics of wealth within the next decade. These special 100,000 youth will be the ones who build businesses and economic infrastructure that will secure black employment during the rest of this century.
They will create jobs.
They will buy our judges and politicians.
They will build our community centers and hospitals.
They will give us our first African American president who is not afraid to stand boldly and consistently with the black people who got him elected.  He will stand with them because they will financially own the White House and not just be a bunch of people who came out to vote.  
We’ve already got 2,200 kids in our wealth-building programs, so we’re making progress. 100,000 is a long way, but I truly believe we can pull this off, so I made some adjustments in our wealth-building programs for kids to make them affordable for anyone who can afford to go to dinner at Applebee’s.
To keep cost from being an issue in joining our children’s wealth-building program, we’ve created a low cost monthly option for parents that are interested in having their children trained on how money works. These concepts are the same ones I taught on various college campuses over the last 23 years, and will make a HUGE difference in the economic opportunities your child has 20 years from today.
The Black Financial Superstars program has a low monthly fee and might be your child’s first experience with learning how money works.  This is more important than anything he’ll learn on TV or the radio, so it’s important that he spend more time learning how to survive than he spends learning how to self-destruct in the midst of mainstream media. 
If you’d like to sponsor a child (or 2, or 3 or 20) in the program, please send an email to Wealth-building is one of the most important things our kids can learn. We can’t deny them this opportunity. No one is going to teach our kids BUT US, and if we do not do it, then they are going to be the sheep who are eaten up by the vultures of capitalism.
Enough with all the complaining, let’s get our kids ready to fight.

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