black people and money

Dr Boyce Watkins: Your kids are at risk of falling behind financially because of what they never taught you

Dr Boyce Watkins: Your kids are at risk of falling behind financially because of what they never taught you

by Dr Boyce Watkins

Wealth gaps and debt are serious problems and very few people have put together adequate solutions. As a Financial Scientist, I have spent 25 years studying wealth accumulation, asset allocation strategies and manners by which money controls our outcomes, our behavior and our access to basic freedoms.
The truth is that black people just aren’t winning. We’re not winning because we’re approaching the problems in the wrong way. But I have an idea I’ve been developing for the last 15 years, and I’d like to share it with you.
The key for our people to move ahead economically within a generation is for our children to obtain a college-level financial education before the age of 10. Most of the material I taught to seniors at Syracuse University, Ohio State and other schools is the kind of stuff I’ve also taught to children as young as the age of 6.
Most of these concepts aren’t complicated, it’s just that no one talks about them around the dinner table and they aren’t taught in public schools. Additionally, most American universities are not designed to teach you to build wealth or own companies. They simply teach you how to serve the interests of corporate America, bankers and the American economy, which feeds off of massive consumer and educational debt.
Kids who learn wealth-building early don’t end up as job seekers.
Instead, they become job creators. They aren’t looking for someone to give them an opportunity, they develop opportunities for others. They aren’t bouncing paycheck-to-paycheck hoping for the best, they are engaged in long-term strategic economic planning that allows them to alleviate debt and accumulate wealth for their entire family.
To help create this reality, we’ve put together the world’s first Black Business School for children. In this program, your child will reach a financial literacy level that exceeds the average college educated adult. But unlike these adults, they won’t be buried under tons of student loan debt and will have a 15-year head start on the competition.
The four-part curriculum focuses on 1) Basic economics, 2) Early stage investing, 3) Stock Market Participation and 4) Real Estate acquisition. I am currently developing modules for Entrepreneurship and Personal Financial Planning that will be released by the start of the summer.
The program comes with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If your child passes all of the self-study examinations, they will have more economic intelligence than my graduating seniors I taught at Syracuse University. Most of these seniors didn’t know how to start a business, how to buy a house or the tax benefits of capital gains vs job-related income. But your child will understand all of these concepts.
This is how black youth can move ahead of the pack. Feel free to give our program a try at We have a monthly payment option that fits into any budget and will cost you less than a family night at the movies. Also, the results will last a lifetime.
Give it a try.

black people and money

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