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Dr Boyce Watkins: I think I just insulted a relative

Dr Boyce Watkins: I think I just insulted a relative

by Dr Boyce Watkins

Yesterday afternoon, I received a disturbing text message from my aunt.  She seemed upset with me, and I was worried, because I’d just released our new film, “Secrets of Black Financial Intelligence,” featuring my grandmother (who is her mother).  When you do something in public that references members of your own family, you’re usually going to get some backlash.

My aunt’s message wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.  She simply reminded me that even though I give my grandmother a great deal of credit for teaching me the financial lessons that I teach the world today, she too was an apple that fell from another tree, my great grandmother Marilda.

Grandma Marilda died of Alzheimers about 12 years ago.  She was sturdy, disciplined and determined, like so many black grandmothers we know.    The life lessons she gave my grandmother impacted my parents, who influenced me.  Those ideas now shape the way my daughter sees the world as well.

My aunt’s remark reminded me that we all come from something, and that this lineage goes back for centuries.  What’s even more interesting is that this family line goes in both directions, so the things we teach our kids today will impact our loved ones for many years after we are dead.

Because our actions today are so impactful on future generations,  it is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to think carefully about everything you’re teaching your children, because these messages (good or bad) are going to be around long after you and I have left this earth.

Dr Boyce Watkins is the star of the new film, “The Secrets of Black Financial Intelligence.”  To see a trailer for the movie, please visit BlackFinancialIntelligence.com


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