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Dr. Boyce: Why 2014 Is Going to be an Amazing Year for Black People

Dr. Boyce: Why 2014 Is Going to be an Amazing Year for Black People

by Dr. Boyce Watkins

This is a thought that came to me as I was sitting at my desk working into the New Year.  I don’t have any shame in saying that I’ve typically worked on New Years Eve for most years of my adult life.  I learned this line of thinking after hearing about a Nobel Prize winner who used to take an hour to go work during Christmas parties and from an early age, I decided that I wanted to push myself to the highest limits imaginable.  So, forgive me for being overzealous; I just feel that this is my purpose.

Let’s make 2014 an amazing year for black people. Not everyone is going to agree with every message that we discuss on this blog, but if you are a black person who is tired of falling behind, tired of being spit on, tired of being disrespected and tired of seeing our people ruined by destructive brainwashing, then I IMPLORE you to enlist yourself as an Ambassador of Action. Speak up against the ignorance that seeks to harm our community. Shut down those (black, white and otherwise) who are determined to make us weaker, rather than stronger. Be BOLD, be fearless, and carry your message of empowerment far and wide.

Teach our children to save and invest their money, rather than live paycheck-to-paycheck working for their oppressors.

Let’s push each other to get as much knowledge and education as possible, using the information superhighway to our advantage.

Let’s work hard toward our goals, elevate our thinking and stand up against anyone or anything holding us back.

We are in a WAR people, and the truth is that ignorance is winning. Therefore, we must be every bit as assertive as the forces that seek to oppress us, for it is only through relentless, coordinated intellectual, spiritual and political combat that we can free our people from the grips of despair.

Don’t let anyone frighten you into silence and when ignorant people push, you push back HARDER.

In other words, let’s-get-it: The future belongs to US.

I love you all so much, Happy New Year.


Dr. Boyce Watkins

black people and money

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