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Dr. Samori Swygert Explains: Corporate Greed Will Destroy America

Dr. Samori Swygert Explains: Corporate Greed Will Destroy America

In what he called “a financial lynching of the 99%,” Dr. Samori Swygert explains how corporate greed and the failed economic policies of America are ultimately going to destroy this country.  Check it out.  It’s a great article: 

by Dr. Samori Swygert

We’re witnessing the systematic dismantling of the middle class, and permanent crippling of the poor in real time.  We’ll see the reincarnation of serfdom and feudalism if the greed of capitalism proceeds unchecked by the United States government.

How the United States government has failed the tax paying citizen

The government is complicit in the current financial crisis.  Too many favors have been granted to corporate America.  We’ve bailed out the banks, and can’t trace the “trickle down” effect of the bailout to the average citizen?

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY is publicly addressing the TRILLIONS of dollars in offshore tax havens that has circumvented the inspection of Uncle Sam.  It’s as if politicians have a GAG ORDER to not mention this.  The U.S. government should tax properly, that tax revenue could sustain America’s economic demands.  However, the government chooses to overtax the average citizen to subsidize and finance governmental expenses.

Furthermore, we’ve allowed elected politicians to rendezvous and cozy up with corporate lobbyists.  The laws and policies passed, are not representative of the constituents that put our officials in office.  Many policies passed are derived from yielding to the monetary might of corporate America.

Our government has been effectively, but unofficially purchased by an oligarchy whose only concern is their coffers.


Let’s keep this real funky, and I mean FUNKY!!!

We’ve allowed jobs to go overseas to curb payroll expenses for these corporations.  We’ve allowed the cuts to the SNAP (supplemental nutritional assistance program), we’re allowing pensions to be raided, and raises to minimum wage are fought against like terrorism, we’re cutting long term unemployment insurance to 1.3 million Americans, we are considering cutting pensions for U.S. veterans that fought for America, recently the IRS wants to tax the tips that waiters and waitresses earn. Social security is even volleyed around quietly and softly for cuts.

We’re eager to release funds to engage Syria, we spend billions on new drones and drone bases in West, North, and East Africa, we spend billions to construct thousands of square feet of the State of the Art NSA spy center in Utah, we have a private $52.6 Billion dollar Black budget for spy intelligence, then holler broke when we talk about the poor!!!!!!!??????

Politicians discuss safety nets, yet our own tax dollars go to other countries. Whenever a natural disaster happens in another country, America has money and aide to donate.  I respect our international benevolence. However, our very own citizens are suffering, and communities are decimated while foreign countries get food and money?  We invested in this system of democracy through our taxes right?  However, gentrification and elevation in property taxes has many citizens moving around like nomads seeking affordable housing, and food.

They are playing ECONOMIC MUSICAL CHAIRS, and the seats are disappearing daily!  The current situation is choreographed to siphon off the last penny from the average tax payer.  This is one of the reasons the American Revolution was fought right?

To add insult to injury, once individuals are unemployed and broke, they turn to predatory title loans with variable APRs that balloon in interest that keep them in debt-slavery.  Ultimately, credit scores are shattered, and they can’t get a job because companies are rejecting employment off poor credit reports.  This is psychotic cycle has been masterfully engineered.

What will unemployed individuals do to keep their babies fed, bills paid, and roof over their head?  Yes, some commit crimes to finance their expenses.  This cascading algorithm of events filters directly into the prison industry.  This disregard for American citizens fosters increased anti-American sentiments and unpatriotic emotions. The American majority are not sharing in the benefits that arise from the marriage between Mr. America and Ms. Wallstreet.



Plans work best when everybody or the majority get what they need and want.  Everybody or the majority of America doesn’t want or need high tech surveillance of their email, phones, texts, online activity or the last bowel movement they had monitored by the NSA.  We do need and want jobs to provide for ourselves and family.  Since many Americans prefer gainful employment over surveillance, let’s redirect that $52.6 Billion dollar Black budget to the people.

I’ve done the math! 1.3 million Americans have the threat of long term unemployment benefits being permanently cut.  $40,000 is a manageable amount of money to control a household.  $52.6 billion dollars divided by 1.3 million people would give each long term unemployed person $40,000.  That amounts to roughly $20.00/hour for an 8-hour work day salary.

Take all this surveillance money and create gainful employment.  Currently that $52.6 billion dollar budget only employs around 150,000 people and covers the facilities, equipment, and miscellaneous.  This increases if we cut drone expenditures.  $14,400 (annual total) as paid unemployment insurance, versus a $40,000 job for 1.3 million Americans, is a good start!

I’m analyzing the surveillance expenditures because an overwhelming majority of citizens don’t want it.  It’s smart to spend money on job creation that people need.  Otherwise, we will be bragging that we have the safest poor people on earth, and the most secure and protected slaves on the globe!  This is also like having a leaky roof, bad plumbing, a broken furnace, an empty fridge, and you blow your whole check on an ADT Security System! LOL, YOU HAVE NOTHING WORTH PROTECTING INSIDE STUPID!

These economic times require belt tightening and community investment.  The government clearly can’t help.  Many economic programs are practicing group economics.  The Nation of Islam has Muhammad’s Economic Blue Print, Dr. Claud Anderson has the Harvest Institute, Warren Ballentine has, and the Around the Way mobile app locates black businesses to patronize.  Initiate your own investment groups among 4-5 family members/friends and contribute monthly to purchase land and finance your kids’ education to avoid student loans.

We can buy $220 Air Jordans, hundred dollar concert tickets, Gucci bags, bottles of Rose’, so we can uplift ourselves.   Recognize the severity of our current times, prioritize, and execute.  Selfishness will be our demise.

black people and money

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