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Dr. Sinclair Grey III – Why Being An Entrepreneur Is Great

Dr. Sinclair Grey III – Why Being An Entrepreneur Is Great

Deciding to go into business for yourself can be one of the BEST decisions you’ll make. Why do I say this? Because it allows you to do what you love doing, have control over your time and money, and enables you to leave a legacy for those to build upon. In addition to that, going into business for yourself causes you to be the BOSS. You’re able to invest in your dreams rather than work yourself into an early grave making someone else’s dream come true without getting paid what you’re really worth.

Too many people waste time procrastinating about starting their own business that they eventually talk themselves out of it. They give the same excuses – ‘it’s not the right time,’ ‘the economy isn’t good for me,’ or ‘no one within my immediate circle will support me.’ These are just a few of the excuses scared people use. However, I’m here to let you know, unless you’re willing to take a risk, you’ll never know all of the rewards that are waiting for you.

As an entrepreneur, I need to tell you this – there will be some trying times throughout your business journey. There’s no way to avoid it. But with each trial, each bump, and each obstacle, you become stronger, more creative, and more determined to excel. One of the things I like to teach my clients is when you don’t have people affirming your worth and your aspirations as an entrepreneur, you have to do it yourself. That’s right; you have to value you YOU and push YOU when no one around you does. Remember the reason why you began your entrepreneurial journey and you’ll rediscover your passion.

Here a 4 C’s, you need to know about the advantages of being an entrepreneur.

  1. Control – As an entrepreneur, there’s no more 9-5. You have to create your own hours in order to maximize every minute. By being your own BOSS, you don’t have time to waste time because time is valuable and time is money.
  2. Connections – When you’re sitting behind a desk, you limit the number of people you’re able to meet and connect with. Entrepreneurs are always meeting people. The more people you meet, the greater your chances of securing contracts. In addition to meeting many people, you’re positioning yourself to meet the right people who can make things happen for you.
  3. Challenge – The more you challenge yourself, the more you tap into your potential. Sadly and shamefully, too many people have become complacent in their personal and professional life because they’re not challenged. Entrepreneurship challenges you to come up with new ideas to get better results. The ultimate challenge you’ll face is to be better each day than you were the day before.
  4. Comfort – When you love doing what you’re passionate about, it adds a certain level of comfort. In other words, you begin and end each day with a smile on your face. Think about it for a moment. How many times have you gone to work happy, excited, and bubbling with joy? I’m sure not too often. However, when you’re an entrepreneur and you love what you do, you’re in your comfort zone – a comfort zone I like to call ‘FULFILLED.’

Ask yourself the following questions – Am I happy? Do I love doing what I’m doing at my job? Do I see personal and professional growth? Will I ever move up the corporate ladder? Am I making what I’m worth? And how many obstacles do I face on a daily basis to get my ideas heard and/or implemented?

If you want better, you have to do what you need to do to get better. Don’t let fear keep you from being an entrepreneur. Just about every successful entrepreneur encountered some level of fear, but they pushed their way through it. When you push your way through excuses, procrastination, and trials, you’ll come out shining. I want you to get this in your spirit – Being An Entrepreneur Can Be Great.

Dr. Sinclair Grey III is a speaker, author of The ABC’s of Making Business Networking Work For You and success coach. Contact him at, or on Twitter @drsinclairgrey

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