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Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III – What Image Are You Showing On Social Media?

Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III – What Image Are You Showing On Social Media?

Isn’t it amazing that people who want to do business with you want you to connect with them via social media without showing you who they are? Let me be very clear and say this to my business professionals – it’s very unprofessional to send a request to a colleague and/or potential client on social medial without having a professional photo of yourself. In addition to that, it’s not too good accepting a request from someone who doesn’t approach you in a professional manner.

Every entrepreneur should treat their business seriously. Think about it for a moment. If you don’t treat your business seriously, you can’t expect potential clients/customers to take you seriously. A professional picture sends a message to your target audience you’re about your business. You can’t take a photo for granted because an unprofessional photo is the difference between gaining new business or losing out on opportunities.

If you’re serious about your business, do the following:

  1. Make sure your profile picture is professional. Whether you’re using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram make it professional. Whoever tells you not to be professional doesn’t have your best interest in mind

  1. Don’t accept requests/invitations from people who refuse to post a photo of themselves. Remember, you’re in business to provide a service and/or sell a product. Don’t waste time dealing with people who aren’t serious

  1. Understand what’s professional and what’s not. Every picture of you doesn’t need to be on social media. (That’s all that needs to be said)

  1. Know that people want to do business with professionals. Let me ask you a question. Would you do business with someone who didn’t project a professional appearance? If you want professionalism, then you need to give out professionalism

We know the saying, ‘first impressions mean a lot,’ and ‘there’s no second-chance to make a good first impression.’ Be serious about your business and who you choose to connect with. Time is too short to deal with foolishness. Your business can’t take it.

Dr. Sinclair Grey III is a speaker, author of The ABC’s of Making Business Networking Work For You and success coach. Contact him at, or on Twitter @drsinclairgrey

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