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Entertainer R Jay is Creating An Electric Bike Inspired by Tesla

Entertainer R Jay is Creating An Electric Bike Inspired by Tesla

By Robert Stitt

The name Ray J may be synonymous with the Kardashian’s, but he is also a singer, songwriter, and actor. Now, the multi-talented entertainer is hoping to expand his notability by becoming the force behind electric bicycles.

The e-bike has been around for a couple of years but has not caught on. “Companies have been trying to promote this style of electric bikes for about two years now, and nobody was able to impact America,” Ray J said. So, he teamed with business partner Billy Jones and a number of music industry icons like Snoop Dog and P. Diddy to change things.

Even though he liked what he saw in the e-bike, Ray J knew that there might be a reason nobody had been promoting it, or perhaps there was a team getting ready to make a big splash in the market. “I first saw this kind of bike in Miami and then we did our due diligence and started studying [similar] bikes in China. Then we took the bike across the country and started to talk to tastemakers just to see if someone was already ahead of the game. But no one had ever seen [this kind of] electric bike. So after seeing the way the bike made people feel, we immediately began building the company around this product.”

Ray J’s new company is called Raytroniks, and the bike is the Scoot-E-Bike. RollingOut describes the unique form of the foldable bike as “vaguely resembling a compass used to draw circles in geometry class.” The cool looking transportation has already been “approved” by celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, but Ray J does not want the bike to be a celebrity fad like the hoverboard.

“I don’t think people should look at it just like it’s a celebrity brand…the functionality of our electric bike shows a different method of everyday use…you see electric bikes being used for deliveries, but you’re getting in a taxi, using a commuter train, not realizing that you can be a part of the green, clean energy movement as well.”

Just how does a musician and actor plan to become what Ray J describes as “the Tesla of e-bikes”? He explained, “We took our independent marketing skills from building independent record labels and took that method into the tech space and utilized our relationships to build this buzz. Now it’s up to us to make sure everything is consistent, make sure all the orders go out right, make sure all the consumers are happy and, before anything, make sure we have the safest product for people to use.”


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