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Ericka Williams: Tax Liens Can Change Your Family’s Financial Future

Ericka Williams: Tax Liens Can Change Your Family’s Financial Future

Owning real estate is the corner stone of building wealth; there’s no denying that. And without it you have no true security because you don’t own arguably the most important asset there is.

But most black people never attain this because they have been sold a lie that there’s only one way to own real estate, by going to a white man’s bank and begging for money. We all know how that turns out most of the time.

Therefore it’s absolutely essential that you learn alternate ways of acquiring property that don’t include begging for money at a white man’s bank. Ericka Williams is Black America’s foremost expert on Tax Liens and other wealth creation strategies. Listen as she lays out in great detail how investing in Tax Liens can change your family’s financial future forever.

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