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Why Is Fetty Wap Being Sued For $7 Million Over Hit Song ‘679’?

Why Is Fetty Wap Being Sued For $7 Million Over Hit Song ‘679’?

By Victor Ocheing

Rapper Notorious B.I.G. didn’t lie when he said “Mo Money, Mo Problems.” A good example is rapper Fetty Wap, who rose to fame not long ago and made a fortune through his music. Now, the New Jersey rapper is facing a lawsuit by his former Remy Boyz mate P-Dice, who claims that the rapper removed him from “679” hit song to avoid paying him the money he had promised. In the lawsuit, P-Dice is seeking $7 million.

P-Dice is claiming that he had come into a verbal agreement with the 25-year-old Wap over the song. He was to write part of the song and enjoy 16.9% off the profits. This, P-Dice says, isn’t what happened after the song was recorded. He says Wap removed his part from the song and cut his benefits to a mere 5%.

P-Dice’s verse was part of the original version of the song, which was published on WorldStarHiphop in May last year. However, it’s the version in which P-Dice was edited out that actually became part of Fetty Wap’s album, which he released later in the year, in September. Wap replaced P-Dice verse with his own lines.

If that song didn’t go big, maybe the lawsuit couldn’t have seen the light of day. But because of “679’s” success, it’s understandable that P-Dice badly wants to be part of it. The song in which P-Dice was omitted walked the ranks to hit #4 on Billboard and sold close to 2 million copies in the U.S. alone, as of February 2016.

Earlier in the year, the “My Way” singer was faced with another lawsuit by a Danish producer, who claimed he had exclusive rights to the production of “Trap Queen,” Wap’s breakthrough song.

According to the Danish producer, called Lazar Lakic, “Trap Queen” producer Tony Fadd sold him rights to a song called “Hello” back in 2014 yet the beats used in “Trap Queen” are virtually the same as that of the song whose rights he bought.

In the lawsuit, Lakic claimed that Fadd had reached out to him in January last year in an effort to buy back the rights to “Hello” after “Trap Queen” was released as a single. He, however, says he didn’t agree to the proposal. Wap’s attorney has on his end said he’ll file a lawsuit against Fadd if the lawsuit is decided in favor of Lakic, noting that Fadd sold the beat to Wap under a contract.


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