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Filmmaker says she’s tired of seeing the “bitter black woman” on TV

Filmmaker says she’s tired of seeing the “bitter black woman” on TV

How do you feel when every television show seems to present black women in an unfavorable light?  It seems that stereotypes are the rule of the day, with the loud, obnoxious, violent, ignorant, shallow, materialistic black woman being the subject of most reality TV shows.  Is this what black women are all about?  Of course not.

Rachel Bradshaw is the creator of the new film, “On my Own,” and says that she is deeply interested in presenting an entirely different view of the black woman on TV.  According to Bradshaw, there are a multitude of voices in our community that are being muted by media, and she wants to throw her hat into the ring of conversation.

Bradshaw is a veteran of media and also has a keen understanding of how video production works.  I got a chance to speak with her recently and found the interview to be quite intriguing.  Take a look below.



black women

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