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Financial expert shares insights he used to overcome $250k debt on reality series

Financial expert shares insights he used to overcome $250k debt on reality series

According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, Americans are carrying nearly $1 trillion in credit card debt. While some economists count this as a positive trend for the country, one financial expert says this reality produces negative implications for individuals.

“Debt has become an epidemic – both on a national level and a personal one.  Debt robs us of our freedom, our options, and our sanity,” says Shawn Dorrough, MBA, a financial consultant at the Wealth Shift Project. “Uncontrolled debt destroys families, marriages, businesses and dreams. We should all have a game plan to get from up under the heavy burden of debt and start using it as leverage to benefit our lives versus allowing it to create chains around us.”

Throughout his career, the Texas native helped numerous clients create prosperity and better their financial lives. Things were not always rosy for his financial prospects twenty years ago.

“I overcame being broke, battling bills, bad credit, and approaching borderline bankruptcy by first changing my belief system and then my mechanics.” Dorrough shares. “In five years I wiped out over $250,000 in debt by first stop creating the debt than slowly paying off the existing debt one bill at a time.”

His desire to share his empowering message to a global audience led him to connect with the Delatorro L. McNeal, II, the host and executive producer of the Keynote television reality series (, a weekly reality television series to help people transform their dreams into reality.

“I believe there is power when we raise our voices. There is power when we tell our stories and stand in our truth,” offers McNeal, a peak performance expert and the show’s executive producer. “The fear of public speaking is one of the greatest fears in the world. Many people would rather die than to speak publicly. My goal is to inspire people to own their power.”

Shawn is confident that his newly honed skills will help him get his message to the masses.

“I learned enough to write a few books but I’ll give one very important takeaway that immediately produced results for me, Delatorro showed us that being consistently booked as speakers begins with understanding your story and relating it to your purpose,” Dorrough reveals.

He knows first-hand how debt– if left unchecked– can destroy dreams and destiny.

“Debt not only decreases your quality of life but it affects everyone close to you.  So many people are stuck in dead in jobs, situations, and environments because debt has forced them to not take risks,” Dorrough adds. “Debt affects our health by creating stress and anxiety, debt has caused more divorces than infidelity and debt keeps you from living the life you were meant to live because someone other than you is the priority.”

Dorrough provides these three steps to get your financial act together:

FOCUS ON YOUR GOAL. “The very first thing to get out of debt or is to get focused on the desired end.  What do you want? Answer that question first then begin the process. I’ve helped numerous people over the years that just could not get a clear picture of their end goal and their journey was sabotaged before it even begun. Without focus, you are destined to lose the battle in the winds of life.”

REDUCE YOUR EXPENSES: “I know, you’ve heard it a million times but I can’t tell you how this single event will save your bacon. When people tell me they are strapped for cash I tell them that I can still find plenty of waste in their financial lives. Reducing expenses is always the fastest way to have more money left over at the end of the month. Look at everything you spend money on and start eliminating the waste. It may be seldom-used monthly services, memberships or unnecessary monthly subscriptions.”

PRIORITIZE CREATING YOUR WEALTHSHIFT: “If an honest assessment of your financial situation reveals that you could be balancing back and forth on the rope of slim to none, then you must begin right now on making changes in your mind, actions, and expectations. Commit to creating more income through business, employment, and other venues. Also, save a portion of every dollar you earn and over time increase that percentage until your account is a healthy amount. With time and commitment, you will build wealth.”

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black people and money

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