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Five Ways to Establish a Positive Presence

Five Ways to Establish a Positive Presence

By Angela Wills


Begin with Confidence

Captivating an audience begins way before you arrive. People can recognize if you are insecure or when your words aren’t aligned with your intentions. If you have plans on going somewhere, try first to sit quietly and decide what it is you wish to gain from your social interactions. If you desire to close the deal, you must truly believe that you can close it. You must project confidence that your product or what you are presenting is the best, and this must come from within.


Visual Realization

You want to own a room? Begin by visualizing what it means to be profoundly confident. If your visualization is solid enough, you’ll truly feel what it’s like to be confident throughout your entire body. Getting the entire body involved emits the feeling that you’ve just entered a room and nailed it head on.


Get Yourself a Mentor

You need to surround yourself with people and friends who have wonderful interpersonal skills and that believe in themselves from top to bottom. These should be genuinely confident people. These traits will begin to exist within you as well, whether you planned for them to or not. Keep in mind, the loudest person in the room isn’t necessarily the most confident.


Practice Makes Permanent

If you want to practice having presence, you should join a public speaking organization. Participate in networking events on a nightly basis. Enlist the help of a friend who is working on the same thing, and the two of you can compare notes and discuss what you’ve learned. Enjoy a cocktail, but only one. Liquid confidence isn’t a reflection of self-confidence by any means. Your energy must come from within. Keep in mind that eighty percent of the battle is within yourself. A magnetic personality is a genuine and scientific concept. If someone is projecting their energy on you, you’ll notice it because it’s a sense that most of us have but aren’t aware it even exists.


Listen Up

The next time you desire to hold someone’s attention, try focusing on what the person is saying. It’s called listening. Listen as attentively as you can and don’t think about how you’ll respond. Put your mind in a clear state and make the person feel as if they have all of your attention at that very moment.



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