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Floyd Mayweather is Financially Reckless: Should we even care?

Floyd Mayweather is Financially Reckless: Should we even care?

 Friends and family,
Today, I was thinking about the amazing boxer Floyd Mayweather and the $4.8 million dollar car that he purchased this week.  A lot of my friends thought the purchase was a stunning display of Mayweather’s economic power, consistent with a public brand that has become defined by presenting all the ways that a person can throw money away and give it back to big, racist corporations that don’t even hire black people.
I’m not here to disrespect Mayweather, but I feel sorry for him.  That same $4.8 million that he spent on one of over a dozen luxury cars he owns could have easily been spent building a school to educate thousands of black children.   It could have been used to create jobs for thousands of black families.  It could help put a dent in the massive black unemployment rate that has persisted since institutions in our community were destabilized and annihilated by integration.
I honestly don’t think we need anymore Floyd Mayweathers in the world, for it appears that he doesn’t want to be anything other than a boxer.  This is his right.  But the fact remains that we don’t want our children wasting millions in resources that could be used to lift an entire community.
This is one of the things that led me to create The Black Wealth Bootcamp.   I am taking a limited number of students in a five-part lecture series in which I’ll be the teacher, and you’ll be the student.  You ask me direct questions and I will answer them.  I’ll give you information and assignments and you’ll walk away with a better economic life, all for less than the cost of a pair of Air Jordans. 
The Black Wealth Bootcamp commences July 18, July 25, August 1, August 8, and August 15 at 11AM EST. Although the full price for the lecture series is $249.99, you can enroll this weekend for $199.99+shipping (we’re mailing you some gifts). Click here to learn more information about the bootcamp.
Here are some of the benefits of enrolling in the bootcamp:
  • Access to me in real time: Ask me questions, observe the lecture, and participate in class assignments, in real time.  Basically, you’ll get what my students received from me as I’ve taught finance to college students for the last 20 years.  The main difference is that we will focus on black wealth and you won’t have to pay a massive $40,000 tuition bill.
  • Educational content and resources valued at $10,000+: You’ll receive actual PowerPoint documents, handouts, a branded notebook and pen, recordings from the sessions. You’ll also receive a free copy of It Takes a Village to Raise the Bar. The information you’re learning in The Black Wealth Bootcamp is centered around solutions and principles that I’ve taught my business and finance students at Syracuse University. College isn’t cheap; but fortunately, you no longer have to pay exorbitant admission and textbook fees to attain knowledge.
  • Access to exclusive Facebook networking group: Continue the conversation beyond Saturday mornings by networking with other students and The Black Wealth Bootcamp staff in a closed Facebook group. In the group you will exchange ideas, share resources, and acquire many other valuable tools to help you achieve your goal(s). This is a great tool to attain an accountability partner.
  •  Certificate of completion: There’s nothing more rewarding than having tangible proof that you’ve committed to empowering yourself through education. Once you’ve successfully finished the series, you’ll receive a frame-worthy certificate of completion in the mail to remind you of your commitment to a better future.
If you’re unable to attend class live, don’t worry. You will still receive the course materials, handouts, assignments, etc. You’ll also be able to network with your classmates via the private Facebook group created exclusively for students and The Black Wealth Bootcamp staff members. You won’t miss a thing.
If you’re a little strapped right now, you can use the Pay Per Class option which allows you to spread payments out and pay before each class.
Once again, I hold no ill will toward Floyd Mayweather, because he probably doesn’t know what his true potential might be (he’s been led to believe that he’s just an athlete, not much more).  But this class is my effort to help ensure that the rest of us realize that our vast economic power can change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.  After all, we’ve got a trillion dollars in spending power, so it’s important that we learn the value of cooperative economics.
Until we meet again, be blessed, be strong, and be educated.
Dr. Boyce Watkins
P.S. The sale for the five-week session is available for a limited time or while supplies lasts — whichever comes first. Don’t miss out on your chance to enroll at a discount. Click here now.
*Please note: Course titles and class discussions may slightly change to meet the needs and demands of students.

black people and money

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