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Former NFL Player Charles Tillman Is Now An FBI Agent

Former NFL Player Charles Tillman Is Now An FBI Agent

By Ryan Velez

Celebrity Net Worth reports that the man once known for the “Peanut Punch” in the NFL is now an official FBI agent. Charles Tillman, who spent 12 years as a cornerback for the Chicago Bears before finishing his career in Carolina in 2015, forced 44 fumbles in his career, a peak for his position.

According to The Sporting News, Tillman began training with the service this year, and just got his badge. Notably, he barely made it, as new agents need to be selected before they are 37, and he celebrated his birthday on February 23rd.

This doesn’t mark the only time that an NFL player has made a surprising career change after their playing days were done. Here is some of our previous coverage of John Urschel, who stopped playing with the Baltimore Ravens after 3 seasons to become a Ph.D. at MIT.

“His initial leaving the sport that earned him as much as $600,000 per year was a massive surprise to those on the Ravens. “That was out of the blue,” said Ravens head coach John Harbaugh. “He had been working hard. He was working on his snaps all summer. He was doing a great job. It was definitely a lightning bolt that way.” But even with all the money he made, Urschel says that he actually wasn’t comfortable with that lifestyle, and these days, is living a lot more modestly.

However, many point out the timing of his retirement, two days after a study was released showing a link between concussions and brain disease among former NFL players, was no accident.

“My decision to retire early did come as a surprise to some people,” 26-year-old Urschel said. “For me, I thought about it with my family and it felt like the right decision for me. Of course, I still love football, it’s still my favorite game in the world. I was blessed to play it at the highest level, and I have experiences playing football that (I’ll) never forget. I recommend football, or any team sport to young people just to be able to experience what it’s like to be a part of a team and be a part of a group. For me personally, it felt like time to focus my efforts more on my second career to give myself the opportunity to be the best mathematician I can be.”


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