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Free Dr Boyce Watkins class on black wealth building for Beginners

Free Dr Boyce Watkins class on black wealth building for Beginners

Dr. Boyce Watkins is one of the the most highly sought-after African American public figures in the country. He has been a Finance Professor at Syracuse University for 12 years, and was the only African American in the country to earn a PhD in Finance during the year 2002.

Dr. Watkins is also the author of several compelling books, including “What if George Bush were a Black Man?“, “Black American Money:  How Black Power can Thrive in a Capitalist Society,” and “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about College.”  He is the co-star of the Janks Morton film, “Hoodwinked,” along with Drs. Steve Perry, Marc Lamont Hill, Ivory Toldson and Jawanza Kunjufu.  He has also appeared in a slew of national media outlets, including CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and many others.

Dr. Watkins created a class for beginners to learn the fundamentals of black wealth building as part of the New Paradigm Mandate for the next generation.   Last year, Dr. Watkins made a pledge during a New Paradigm forum in Chicago co-hosted with Min. Louis Farrakhan that he would build economic incubators to allow large numbers of African Americans to have access to economic expertise and financial literacy.  Subsequent forums were held with Dr. Cornel West and Dr. Steve Perry to reiterate the necessity for new paradigms of thought as it pertains to wealth, education, family and community (You can read more about the forums here).

According to Dr. Watkins, “Black Americans must realize that if we do not prepare our kids to have a better future than ourselves, our community will continue to suffer.  I am calling on all scholars, leaders and people of means to push our children to learn the fundamentals of wealth building and entrepreneurship so that we are not spending the next 100 years begging other people to give us a job.”

Dr. Watkins points to the fact that black unemployment is typically twice as high as whites, and also a recent study which showed that black men have not advanced economically or socially in America in the last 40 years.  Dr. Watkins says that the only way for young black men to be prepared for a better future is to learn financial literacy and how to have their own businesses.

“Don’t teach your children how to get a job, teach them how to create a job,” said Dr. Watkins.  “Even if they are not a full-time entrepreneur, knowing how to build a business and manage money provides the additional economic security which comes from having multiple streams of income and a backup plan for that day when corporate America lets you down.  We are meant to be economically successful.”

You can take the free class on wealth building for beginners BY CLICKING HERE. 




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