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Gabrielle Union says black women are asked to coon, shuck and jive (podcast)

Gabrielle Union says black women are asked to coon, shuck and jive (podcast)

In this podcast, Dr Boyce Watkins addresses remarks made by Gabrielle Union.  During a recent interview, Union said that black women are asked to “coon, shuck, and jive” in order to get ahead.  Here is some of what Union had to say:

“They want us shucking and jivin’ and cooning, that’s where they’re most comfortable having a black woman.”

Union continued, “So to get a role like Tina Fey, smart, edgy, more cerebral humor…no, they’re going to get Tiny Fey. They’re going to get Amy Poehler, they going to get Rashida Jones…that crew. So I just got to get invited to Judd Apatow’s house, and I feel like once I get in there hopefully I’ll make myself at home.”

You can either download the podcast or watch the video below.


black people and money

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